Honda K Series 723309AXG

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Part number: 723309AXG

Axial Starter Motor

Power Output: 2kW

Pinion Diameter/Teeth: 27.94/9

Weight: 2.7kg

please note  The mounting hole distance centre to centre is 116mm, not 155mm as per drawing

Application: Honda K Series Engine

This Starter is a direct replacement for the OE unit, but with twice the power! Our AXG unit is 23% lighter than the standard starter, and its streamlined shape allows for more room in your engine bay – maybe a supercharger? Despite it being a lighter unit our starter packs a punch, this makes it suitable for heavy use & high compression applications.

Manufacturer Car Model   Year Engine
HONDA Accord VII 2.0 2003-2008 1998ccm K20A6
HONDA Accord VII 2.0 4×4 2003-2008 1998ccm K20A6
HONDA Accord VII 2.4i 2003-2008 2354ccm K24A
HONDA Accord VIII 2.4i 2008-2015 2354ccm K24Z3
HONDA Civic VII 2.0i Sport 2001-2005 1998ccm K20A3
HONDA Civic VII 2.0 Type-R 2001-2005 1998ccm K20A2
HONDA CR-V II 2.0i 2001-2006 1998ccm K20A4
HONDA CR-V III 2.4i VTEC 2007- 2354ccm K24A1 K24Z


HONDA              Element 2.4 2002-2011 2354ccm K24A6
HONDA              Element 2.4 2003-2006 2354ccm K24A4
HONDA              FR-V 2.0 2004-2006 1998ccm K20A9
HONDA              Integra 2.0 2002- 1998ccm K20A3
HONDA              Integra 2.0 16v Type-R 2001-2007 1998ccm K20A
HONDA              Stream 2.0 16v 2001-2007 1998cc

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