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Axial Starter

This is the AXG; Our flagship starter motor. The AXG is lightweight, modular, small and powerful, meaning it is suited to the most cramped engine bays. It may be small but it doesn't compromise on power, outputting 2kW at 12V-13V which means the AXG can be used on some some pretty big engines! This is helped by the Gearbox in the nose of the AXG, reducing the RPM but increasing the torque of the Motor substantially, meaning its suited to other applications as well as Motorsport, including Marine and Aviation! It also uses our modular design, meaning we can fit many different brackets to it to fit almost every engine. If you want to find out more about the AXG, visit the Product Page or Contact us.






PGR Starter

This is one of our popular Starters; The PGR. PGR stands for Planetary Gear Reduction, which enables the smaller motor to produce a higher amount of torque; meaning that the PGR can perform at the same level as an older bigger Starter, while being smaller and more compact. It's also of modular design allowing us to fit any one of a number of brackets stocked by us. We can also mount the bracket in different orientations, allowing the Starter to fit even in small areas. If you purchase a PGR from us you can also do this easily. To find out more about the PGR, visit the Product Page or Contact us.







One of the team modifying a pinion for Motorsport Application, preventing the gear from getting loose, even when at very high amounts of load. We can find solutions to many problems when it comes to Starters and Alternators at Brise, so if you're having an issue with a build, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.