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Aston Martin

Brise specialise in producing one off Starter Motors for any application.

Brise competition starter motors are all designed for use in demanding race applications and tough working environments. All our products are hand built in our workshops and then tested on the most advanced test equipment availiable.

Advantages of Brise starter motors:

  • Interchangeable pinions and mounting brackets.
  • Multi position orientation for the connector block or solenoid.
  • Faster cranking speed
  • Less battery current draw
  • Lightweight (2.7 kg typical)
  • Compact and easy to install.

Starter motor testing and rebuild service availiable, please contact Brise for details.

Our technical knowledge & top specification test equipment also helps us to build some of the most powerful, efficient and compact alternators on the market to date. We also have a fully equipped aluminium fabrication department supplying professional race teams and small sports car manufacturers with quality race components, with the ability to produce one off's for privateers and kit car builders.

Contact Brise for more information.


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